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"Faith, brother, not in the gods but in yourself."

- Charles Bukowski

The sun is setting. Having a smoke break.

Unfortunately, the bad habit has kicked in again since this painting started.

Giving me some much needed calmness through this storm.

70 ciento.

Burning the midnight oil.

Are we there yet?

Hey :) First of all I really love your art! And secondly, I just wanted to let you know that I bought your Cat/Artists design on a tote bag from society6 and I can't wait to receive it!!
ellyliyana ellyliyana Said:

Hello! Thank you so much for the purchase!


Asker dansoloart Asks:
I LURVEM THE RETROGRADE PAINTING! (well the lady lying reading the book) :D
ellyliyana ellyliyana Said:

It is best to view that with Retrograde playing. Soundtrack of the painting. Haha

Thank you!

So show me why you’re strong.
Ignore everybody else,
We’re alone now.

Layering her up.

You’re on your own,
n a world you’ve grown.
Few more years to go,
Don’t let the hurdle fall.
So be the girl you loved.

Building her up

Underpainting progress

and this world keeps spinning around

I lay beside an empty space waiting for the sirens

I just started instagram for my art.

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I’ll wrap up my bones and leave them
out of this home, out on the road.

Two feet standing on a principle.
Two hands longing for each others warmth.
Cold smoke seeping out of colder throats.
Darkness falling, leaves nowhere to go.

It’s spiraling down,
biting words like a wolf howling.

Would you post a picture of one of your first drawings? So that we can all see how far you've come!
ellyliyana ellyliyana Said:

These are the only photos I have of drawings I did when I was 16. I can’t remember if I still have the originals though. Ah, bitter sweet memories.

 photo hair1-1.jpg

 photo feet1.jpg

Nice artwork! When did you start drawing?
ellyliyana ellyliyana Said:

Thank you!

I’ve always enjoyed drawing for fun and at the age of 16 I felt that drawing was something I could learn to try to be really good at. So, I just kept on drawing ever since until it became a part of me. I am still learning along the way even ‘til now at 27.

There are many things I’m uncertain about in this life but making art is the only thing I am certain of. 

Thank you for posting pictures in progress, I just saw your work today and I love every aspect of it and the progress pictures are inspiring and encouraging!
ellyliyana ellyliyana Said:

I like to document my progress to see how far I have to go and to fix any mistakes. It’s also a good way to track any improvement as years roll along. Thank you for checking out my work!

Asker treedeecee Asks:
your art is wonderful! i really love the surreal/magical quality, it's lovely!
ellyliyana ellyliyana Said:

Thank you so much!