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This is a recent review of my work at 


It is always interesting to know how others view or feel about my work.

Everyone sees things differently and that is always the best part of art. It doesn’t matter what my intentions are because when I share with you my work, you become a part of it and how you feel about it is unique to you as it is to me. 

Feel free to drop me a message and tell me your side of the story.

There’s a fire.

Winter is coming. The time of year to send some joy and warmth to those we love. Send a little gift or maybe a personal written card illustrated with much love and sincerity.

The Letter O is now available at the store.


A couple of recent original drawings available for sale. Original colours are lighter than the prints. If you are interested email me at elly.liyana@hotmail.com for the details and price.

Graphite and tea stains on archival paper.

Prints are now available in various sizes at the shop society6.com/ellyliyana starting at $40.

You are what I can’t feel

Good things happened this week! A couple of wonderful art blogs featured some of my work.



Thank you so much, guys! I’m still amazed that people do enjoy my art.

Truly appreciate the features.

Much love,


and so it goes

"The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited."

- Stephen King, Bag of Bones

There Are Spies Among Us

I Still Wonder Why


You can follow my art updates on my instagram as well - @ellyisdrawing

I Still Wonder Why

Graphite on acid-free paper
10.8” x 14.8”

She is available for sale. The original drawing itself, not the print.

If you’re interested, you can contact me via email at elly.liyana@hotmail.com for more details.

Enokitake, えのき茸

This is the closest colour to the actual work itself. With natural lighting from the good ol’ scorching sun in Thailand right now.

My lights give a yellow tint to it when I take photos of my progress at night.

In case you’re wondering, it’s tea stains.